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Research Performance Jigsaw


Research performance isn’t just about having the best academics or the most funding. But neither is it necessarily about putting in place top-down performance targets.

Universities are not businesses, but that doesn’t ben-Jigsaw-puzzle-2-300pxmean that business-like principles can’t be applied.

And universities are definitely not all the same. A ‘one-size fits all’ solution therefore isn’t going to work, and we don’t offer this.

With you and senior colleagues, we can take a look at one or a number of variables that together connect to build the Research Performance jigsaw.

To start with, we’ll have a look at what you or your institution wants, or needs, to achieve. For some, it will be quite specific, for others, not so clear. We can have a conversation with you, with your PVC-R and other senior managers responsible for ‘delivering’ research, identify what the issues are and then put in place an implementation plan. Your implementation plan, not some generic one. Your plan, which we’ll be happy to work on, with you, to deliver the desired outcome.

The main pieces of the ‘jigsaw’, but not necessarily all, include:

  • Governance and culture
  • Strategy
  • How strategy is implemented: implementation plan, critical success factors and KPIs
  • Policies, processes and systems
  • People – recruitment, retention, learning and development
  • Collaborators, partners and driving knowledge exchange
  • Research intelligence, funding and funder relations
  • Research Office – ethos, structure and people


A more detailed summary of each of the jigsaw pieces is available on request. Alternatively, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to have an exploratory chat with you.