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Our culture


What kind of person I am

A friendly, accomplished manager with 30 years’ experience in the higher education and charity sectors…

  • who believes that success is delivered by his people and therefore creates a culture of empowerment where staff are coached and encouraged to take ownership of their work and develop the skills and knowledge needed for their roles;
  • who takes a ‘person first, employee second’ approach on challenging HR matters to ensure a satisfactory, respectful outcome;
  • who leads the Vision and ensures that all staff know the collective direction of travel and understand where they fit in the big picture;
  • who strives to continually improve quality and add real service value;
  • who recognizes the importance of having detailed KPIs and metrics, but uses them intelligently and sensitively in order to achieve real business improvement;
  • who does not shy away from difficult challenges but adopts a ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach before proceeding;
  • who believes strongly in forward momentum, continually striving to improve outstanding service, develop excellent people and achieve sensible efficiency;
  • who takes a practical, pragmatic approach to problem-solving.


What I aim to achieve

My background is in higher education and third sector, with particular experience of Russell Group universities and wildlife/conservation charities. My focus, however, regardless of organization, is that of applying sound business principles to ensure optimal organisational performance:

  • A confident, happy and empowered staff, who know where their role fits in the organization, understand what they have to deliver, and are recognized for their achievements;
  • Improved systems and processes, which work for the staff, not the other way around. Systems and processes which deliver real efficiency gains and improved performance;
  • A creative approach to continuous service improvement. No organization can afford to stand still. I strive for a culture that relishes the opportunity to offer more, or differently;
  • An open and trusting culture where staff are encouraged to share their ideas, and where all ideas have value;
  • An organization committed to internal and external communication, promoting a three-way flow of information between Board, management and staff, and driven by a communications plan which determines an organisation’s profile with its external stakeholders