Hamish Macandrew Consulting


Hamish Macandrew

Research Performance, Management and Funding Specialist

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Hamish Macandrew Consulting specialises in helping universities and research institutes to optimise their research performance by providing consultancy and ‘critical friend’ mentoring to those in research management positions.

Outstanding research performance arises from a blend of the right culture, leadership ben-Jigsaw-puzzle-2-300pxand management, strategy, policies, implementation planning, funding intelligence, systems, processes and of course people with the right skills and knowledge – a jigsaw of individual components that have to fit correctly to deliver the right result.

We can work with you and your colleagues to analyse each of these components with a view to optimising research performance at your institution and securing the best possible result in the next Research Excellence Framework.

Hamish Macandrew Consulting has a particular interest in wildlife and animal charities and can provide assistance to Trustees and senior management to ensure that they realise their potential, providing guidance on governance, commercialisation and fundraising.